• Service Truck Magazine “Spec My Truck” February/ March 2024

    Service Truck Magazine “Spec My Truck” February/ March 2024

    An oldie but goodie

    Levi Morris, a hands-on tech, operates autonomously from his customized vintage service truck, offering roadside assistance and repairs. Read more

  • lonetrack

    On track with Lonetrack

    Lonetrack's strategy for outfitting service trucks prioritizes consistency, equipping them with a 6.7L PowerStroke diesel engine, Cobra hydraulic crane, VMAC air compressor, and specialized features for efficient maintenance. Read more

  • Midnight oil mechanical services

    Burning the Midnight Oil

    Highlighting Carl Paul's dedication to maintaining a robust service truck and delivering superior mechanical services in extreme conditions. Read more

  • Spec My Truck August / September 2023

    Accessorizing the fleet

    La Plata Electric collaborates with Summit to customize their fleet, enhancing field efficiency and storage solutions. Read more

  • Spec My Truck December / January 2023

    Hard-Working Bling

    James Laster Jr. transforms his childhood curiosity into a career, culminating in a show-stopping, custom service truck. Read more

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