About Us

Our Mission

Service Truck Magazine is the only trade publication in the US and Canada focused exclusively on the service (mechanic’s) truck industry. It provides essential news and information that service truck owners and operators need in order to operate successfully and profitably.  We provide insight into the business, tools, technology and fascinating people involved in the service truck industry through attractive, well-written, independent-minded articles in a full color tabloid format magazine.

Service Truck Magazine is a quarterly trade magazine that serves the mobile and heavy duty repair and maintenance industries in North America. Also known as a mechanics (or mechanic's) truck, a service truck is used by a heavy duty technician to perform mobile repair of heavy equipment in the field. Usually this is on pieces of equipment — such as excavators, dump trucks, cranes, etc. — that are too big or too remote to haul into a shop for repairs or maintenance.

Each issue is packed with articles on a variety of topics, including:

  • Profiles of top-performing companies

  • Industry trends

  • Field service stories

  • Policy & regulations

  • New technologies & equipment

  • Safety/training/certification

  • Business updates

Our Team

Service Truck is a truly international magazine. Using writers in almost every region throughout North America we bring local insight and understanding to an international community of interest.

Andrew Joseph, Editor

Tel: 877-742-5038 x 267

Email: editor@servicetruckmagazine.com

Edna Tainsh, Sales & Marketing Executive

877-742-5038 x 218

Email: edna.tainsh@servicetruckmagazine.com


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Service Truck magazine is published bimonthly by Farms.com Canada Inc.  Over the years, Service Truck magazine has a built a strong foundation as the 'go to' resource for the industry it serves.

Farms.com Canada Inc. produces a number of other publications that includes Better Farming, Better Pork, Small Farm Canada, AgBuyers Guide, and USFarmer.